Weber Genesis E-310 Review

Weber Genesis E310

Weber Genesis E310










          • Powerful
          • Even temperature
          • Easy & quick to start
          • Robust
          • Convenient fuel gauge


          • No side burner
          • Small wheels

          With the summer not far off, or even currently in for some lucky parts of the world, it’s time to start looking at getting a new grill. Making the most of the weather for social occasions and the chance to enjoy some lovely grilled food is what the summer is all about, after all!

          Picking the right grill can be quite a troublesome task, though. With so many options out there, what do you go for? The Weber Genesis E-310 will hit your wallet but you are getting a premium level grill in exchange for that cash. If you don’t mind shelling out a little bit more, you won’t be left disappointed here.


          As you would expect – you are getting something pretty awesome for the price. This is a natural gas unit, which means that you will need to get gas pumped out to the grill to make use of it. Make sure you have this in place before purchasing!

          There are three stainless steel burners waiting for you, with an electronic ignition for each of them meaning you can optimize your gas usage better. The controls are all easy to locate on the front panel.

          The heat deflectors and flavorizer bars which are built-in here help add another layer of zest to whatever it is you are cooking. The built-in thermometer will also help you keep an eye on the temperatures to help make sure your food stays edible, not charred.


          Big, powerful, and reliable – this is what the Genesis can provide you with. It’s a 30×60 build o you are working with a fairly large work space, which when all running at full capacity is a pretty fearsome grill. It will be heating up your food in record time and the meat is always evenly cooked – not the case with even some more expensive grills out there disappointingly. Thankfully, this provides a much cleaner cooking experience than many other options out there.

          Unfortunately, the life span of the propane tanks can be a little bit shy. It will last you a few years before rusting away but it’s something that should be replaced as soon as you notice it going on the wane – you need full gas efficiency.

          In Conclusion

          Other than that, though, this is a pretty brilliant piece of business for the price. Although it’s expensive and you can probably bargain buy for something that will give you a little bit more value, this is for the grilling specialists who want something reliable and long-term. The perfect choice for somebody looking to really make this summer a grilled one!

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