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5 Best Outdoor Grills of 2017 | Top BBQ Rankings & Reviews

It’s time to dust off those tongs and get grilling. That’s right – it’s barbecue time.

Putting on the ultimate outdoor kitchen party is up there in the summer fun canon, so the investment in the best outdoor grill possible for you should be a priority heading into the season. But where to start?

bbq grill reviews
dyna glo 5 burner

Dyna Glo 5 Burner
Heading our list is a bbq that offers the best that gas models have to offer: The Dyna Glo 5. Why is it our number one?

The Dyna Glo 5 boasts a huge grilling surface area, and its five burners give you a combined 62,000BTUs of power at your disposal. 

Its double-lined walls mean no heat is ever lost, and its side burner help give you real flexibility and variety in the way that you cook. All of this for under $400.

Great value-for-money and powerful to boot. That’s why we think it’s of the best gas grills out there.

Weber Genesis E310
The Weber brand is almost synonymous with barbecue, and for very good reason: Their high-performing products set the standard of what should be expected of a bbq, and the Weber Genesis E310 is no different.

Weber Genesis E310

Its easy start-up, quick heat and intuitive controls make it easy and safe to use, and it’s probably the sturdiest gas grill that we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

It doesn’t quite pack the power of the Dyna Glo 5 Burner, but its incredible quality and durability makes it a very close second.

Weber Spirit E330

Weber Spirit E330
Rounding off our top three is the superb Weber Spirit E330. Our third choice may well be another Weber, but this is just testament to the quality that the brand offer.

This model is very quick to start up, hitting nearly 600 degrees in way under ten minutes, and offers very consistent heat across its cooking surface, with a very large area to broil with.

Its fantastic and reliable build mean that it will last, and its grilling performance ensure that you will never look back. An incredible model.

Broil King Keg
Our fourth choice is another slightly unconventional choice, but oh boy is this grill powerful. Its double steel walls maintains the temperature within it, keeping a constant cooking heat. It takes about twenty minutes to heat up, but it cane reach fantastic highs of 800°F – far higher than any of our other charcoal models.

broil king keg

The Broil King’s performance is fantastic. Not just because of its high temperatures, but also because of its broiling quality. Its locking function means that not only does heat stay within its shell and stay constant, but also it retains moisture, making the taste and texture of your food of the highest standard.

weber performer deluxe

Weber Performer Deluxe
In at number five and the second best charcoal grill is the Weber Performer Deluxe.

But what makes this better than most other grills?

It all comes down to its heat-up time, boosted by its charcoal setup with gas ignition. This helps the inside of the shell reach an amazing 625°F in not even 9 minutes, and makes the easiest to use charcoal model out there.

It boasts some brilliant features, like its large cooking area, built-in thermometer and ash disposal system, all designed to give you the most out of your barbecue experience.

Our unbiased guide to the best bbq grills is here to help you choose the right model for you. From charcoal burners, to gas searers, we have brought together the best of the best of the grilling world.

Most BBQ grills fall into one of two types: Gas or charcoal. And before we start it’s important for you to decide which of these you’re after.

Not sure which way to go? Here’s what you need to know…

Why buy a charcoal grill?

#1. High grilling heat. The surface temperatures of charcoal grills can reach anywhere as high as 700 degrees. If you’re a steak fan then only these types can give you that seared, crispy exterior with a pink center. In comparison, the majority of their gas counterparts only touch 450 degrees, therefore limiting some of your BBQ options.

#2. More flavor. That smoky authentic bbq taste can’t be replicated on with gas. For many types of food this is not such a big deal. But when it comes to juicy steaks, charcoal wins every time.

#3. Portable. Not only easier to move around the home, but also easier to take out down to the beach or campground.

#4. Requires skill. For anyone looking to further their cooking repertoire, you need look no further than these charcoal beauties.

#5. More affordable. Charcoal models tend to be much more affordable than their gas counterparts.

What do we think?

Charcoal models offer a great mix between being excellent value for money, while at the same time satisfying the needs of seasoned bbq enthusiasts. They offer you the chance to vastly improve your skill set as a cook, and provide a classic bbq taste to your food.

All of this comes against the potential problems in cleaning and difficulty of use but for that authentic bbq experience, charcoal is the best option.

Why buy a gas grill?

#1. Quick & convenient. A hot and ready grill at your disposal in minutes. Easy for the laziest of us. Even the best charcoal BBQs take much longer to warm up.

#2. Temperature control. Heat at a push of a button and easy-to-use controls on the dashboard make them far simpler to use for BBQ novices.

#3. No ash means no huge clean-up operation, while the clean-up operation for charcoal can be a lengthy and arduous one.

#4. No need to buy charcoal. While charcoal models may be cheaper, they will require you to continually top up with fuel. With propane tanks, gas grills don’t require their supplies to be replenished anywhere near as often, making them potentially just as cost-effective in the long term.

What do we think?

Gas grills are reliable and easy-to-use, and can be counted on to deliver when cooking for large groups.

Sure, they might not sit well with the purists, but they still offer a lot in performance and would sit well at the center of any outdoor kitchen.

Despite their seemingly simple nature, buying the right charcoal grill for you can still be easy to get wrong.

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