How to Make Vietnamese Coffee

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With a huge appetite for the coffee, Vietnam is actually the world’s second largest coffee producer. And when you discover their brilliantly simple way of brewing the stuff, you’ll soon see why!

Vietnamese coffee consists of very intense, strong coffee, poured over sweetened condensed milk and sometimes ice. Although we in the West might blend our coffees with desserts, this Southeast Asian take on it is most definitely a sweet treat, but equally suit people who love their coffee black.

The beauty in this brewing method is that it can easily go with or without ice, so don’t be afraid to try both ways before deciding on your favorite.

The key component for this whole process is the phin filter. This is an authentic Vietnamese fiter that typically brews fairly intense small cups of coffee, arguably more intense than their Western counterparts.

What’s particularly great about them is that they don’t require any paper, yet remarkably don’t need much cleaning after either! My kind of utensil.

These tend to look almost like a hat, and sits on top of your cup. That’s essentially it! It’s absurdly simple but, hey, it works.

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You will need…

2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
1.5 tablespoon of trung-nguyen coffee
Hot water
A phin filter[/su_box]

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Let’s Make This Thing!

1. Scoop the condensed milk into a glass

2. Add coffee to chamber of filter and shake until even

3. Lay in the press and press down firmly

4. Place filter above glass and add a dash of hot water

5. Wait a couple of moments, then fill the filter up to the top with more hot water and put cap on

6. Wait three to five minutes for the coffee to fully extract

7. Once ready, remove the filter and stir the coffee-milk mixture

8. Enjoy![/su_box]

Have you tried Vietnamese coffee before? Let us know your favorite way of making it in the comments!

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